Sargent sailing towards a bright future

At 13, Will Sargent 和 his father built their very first sailing boat in their garage.

At first feeling fearful of the sport, no one had expected the boy to go far with it. 年后, Sargent is sailing in competitions around the world as part of Australian Sailing’s Performance Pathway Futures Program, aiming to one day compete in the Olympics.

As a member of the 信誉比较好赌钱软件 Elite Athlete Program (LEAP) who is currently studying a Bachelor of Business (Sport Management), Sargent takes on a busy lifestyle, juggling his sporting passion while pursuing his academic career.

LEAP supports over 100 elite athletes across a wide range of sports who are studying at La Trobe. The unique program provides student athletes with everything they need to successfully combine study 和 sport, including access to La Trobe’s world-class sport facilities, dedicated academic case management, professional development opportunities 和 much more.

Through being highly flexible 和 providing learning plans to its members, the Elite Athlete Program gives Sargent the support he needs, especially throughout competition time.

“After many conversations with some of the guys at La Trobe, it became apparent that it was doable to have both a sporting career 和 an academic career,”萨金特说.

“It keeps my options open if I get a career-changing injury.”

The constant change in sceneries 和 the freedom sailing presents compared to other sports is what makes sailing so enjoyable, 萨金特说.

“我的意思是, compared to swimming where you’re looking at a line for multiple hours on end, with sailing you have got waves, 风, sea life 和 other competitors, 萨金特说.

“It’s just a really cool sport to be a part of.”

The career highlight for the national champion has been winning a bronze medal in the Pacific Games, but he continues to aim for higher. Having trained with gold medalists from the Tokyo Olympic Games, he is inspired for the Olympics to eventually become his own reality.

So what is his advice for future student athletes looking to study at La Trobe?

“It is actually quite plausible 和 can benefit your sporting career, 这不是杂耍,”萨金特说.

“It really is something that can give you a purpose in your downtime 和 feel like you’re still tracking toward multiple different goals.”

萨金特说 the p和emic has caused uncertainty with his future, but if all goes to plan, his next 12 months are expected to be full of travel 和 competitions.

“I’ve got trips to New Zeal和, 美国, France; all these different regattas which will be really cool after two years off with no traveling,”萨金特说.

“I’m pretty keen to go see the world 和 do some sailing events along the way. “

For more information on the La Trobe Elite Athlete Program, visit the 全球十大赌钱软件App体育网站.